Make the most of your Yankee Candle Jar

So, that devastating moment arrives for me yesterday… I finished my large jar Yankee Candle😦

Those of you familiar with Yankee Products will know you are not able to burn the last inch of wax at the bottom of the far, and if like me you burn them for long periods of time, often you find there is more than an inch left over. This should no longer be bad news, this blog is going to explain how to create up to 8 new wax melts out of your large jar left overs.

Step One: Place your jar into a medium sized pan, the pan needs to allow an inch or two around the jar, then fill pan with water.

Step Two: Place the ban onto a medium heat and allow water to simmer, once the water reaches simmering point, reduce the heat slightly to prevent water from boiling. the heat from the water will begin to melt the left over wax, this takes up to 15 minutes.

Step Three: Whilst Supervising the pan, line a cake tray with bun cases or as in the images below, pieces of tin foil. Once the wax have melted, gently pour into each case to create your new wax melts.

(images below)

Not only does this allow you to use ALL of the wax in the jar, as you melt it to create the wax melts, the scent flows through your home making it smell fantastic!!

why not wash out your jar and use this to store your new wax melts?!

give it a go and comment below to let me know how it went!! Don’t forget to share this on Social Media with your friends, tag those who will love it, while you’re there, give BeautifulYou a cheeky follow @BeautifulYou470 – Twitter @BeautifulYou470

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