What ‘type’ of mummy are you?

All to often I seem to see these ‘what type of parent,co-worker,neighbour, dishwasher are you?’ And it got me thinking, really how honestly do we answer these surveys? Even though we know the result goes nowhere. If we’re honest, we all fill these surveys in but if the result isn’t the one we want we simply won’t post it so really what is the point?!

In that I realised how this is actually just pushing us to publish our fake lives and to beat ourselves up when we falsely display ourselves so I thought it’s time to be real and how many people will have the guts to agree?

So, on parenting. How many types of ‘mummy’ do we have? There’s the text book mum, the soccer mum, the hippy mum… what about the toss of a coin mum? The mums who just take on life as it is thrown at them. Those are always made to feel inadequate, well whether it makes us less Mumsy or not. I think it’s time to embrace motherhood as it is.

Here’s my ‘mum’ type:

I class myself as a ‘toss of the coin mum‘ and what I mean by that is my parenting switches almost by the hour so here’s just a morning in the life of a working Yorkshire mum;

7am- Bear wakes and stands at her baby gate shouting ‘mummy it’s morning time’ I wake and feeling good I make my way in to see her, we chat while we make our way downstairs about what she’ll have for breakfast.

So far I’m cruising at ‘textbook‘ mum. Then…

The dog needs to be let out but instead he wants to chase the child around the house.

In comes ‘farmyard mum‘.

I call it that as I have now adopted the stance of a sheep dog hurdling both the human and animal family members into their relevant pens.

7:45am – The child is fed and it’s now time to get dressed. 

Welcome, ‘octopus mum’. The octupus mum basically is the species who doesn’t have time or resources to do things one at a time so must multitask brushing her hair with one hand, pulling tights up with the other, toothbrush hanging out her mouth while directing short instructions to a naked child singing Christmas pudding in July!!

8:30am – After perhaps three or four meltdowns, we need to get in the car, time for ‘rugby mum’ and by that I am not suggesting a glamour puss at the sidelines in talking about entering a scrum.

Rugby mums have this down to a tee. The basics are standing with your arms wide apart you run towards your designated location (in this case the car) collecting all required items such as; child, handbag, lunch, keys on your way whilst usually making a range of grunting noises.

8:45am – return of the ‘textbook mum’ just in time for arriving at nursery, of course.

With an enourmous grin I present my child to her nursery worker and start discussing the milestones my child has achieved over night before declaring my love and leaving.

Then off I leave for the office to be ‘corporate mum’

Until writing this post I hadn’t thought that much into this as a theory but when it came to writing it I realised a morning was all I could write as I’ve already had a fair few transformations and the day is 2 hours young!

So, be honest mums. 

What type of mum are you?


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