Review: Fazenda Restaurant – Leeds

It appears until a mere couple of weeks ago, I was kept in a very sad, incomplete Fazenda free world. Oh my I am glad my luck changed!

For our Xmas meal with work we decided to visit Fazenda in Leeds, the rest of the team had been before and based on the invite suggesting an ‘all you can eat meat restaurant’ I was in!

This is a restaurant that HAS to be experienced to really understand the true value and experience. I had asked many people about it before I went and each one suggested a different ‘must try’.

So, on arrival we were promptly escorted to our reserved table by, honestly, the most polite waitress I’ve met, genuinely. As we took our spaces she quickly returned and formally welcomed us to the establishment.

She asked who of the party had been before, of the 5 of us, 2 already had. She then spent time explaining how everything works. I know many restaurants do this now, but you need this mini pep talk as you are about to enter a parallel meat covered universe and the immense feelings you will experience almost compare to the love of your first born!

In a nutshell, you have a card which is green on one side, red on the other. Essentially, green means feed me, red means I’m on a break!

 You then make your way to the salad bar. Now it’s way more than your average salad bar. Never before have I seen so many beautifully present vegetables all being marinated and chargrilled to perfection. You would be satisfied by this alone!!

Then comes the best part…

Selections of meats are brought to your table to choose, variations of steaks, gammon, pork. You name it, it’ll come on a stick!

Even when you want to say no I’m full, you’ll take more!

The garlic steak is worth selling a family member for!

In between servings of meat, baskets of chips are brought round, if you’ve room on your plate!!

The food is spectacular and cooked to absolute perfection!

The deserts, well they’re not going to fall at the final hurdle are they?!

So the next time your making your way to your local city centre, check out Fazenda‘s website to find your closest. It’ll be your greatest decision yet!!


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