Review: Platinum Dog Food

Meet Ronnie, our debut blogger. Ronnie is a Patterdale X Border Terrier and is 5 years old but still very much a tiny crazy pup in his mind. For this review I recruited the most suitable family member to help out. Although, Mr L would potentially have given dog food a go if the price was right!

For today’s review, I sourced some free samples from Platinum Dog Foods. I quickly received three packets offering a variation of flavours, and even quicker yet, Ronnie polished them off without a second thought.15623933_659752697540896_4594665733048238080_n1

As soon as I opened the packet you could immediately tell that this product is different and far superior to your standard dry dog food. The meat smells are so intense, it could almost tempt the owner if the cupboards are looking bare!

Ronnie is usually fed on a pretty standard supermarket branded dry food and has been since he was a pup, he has always been healthy, within the right weight ranges and hasn’t appeared to be malnourished so I have never considered changing his diet until now, and part of that is down to guilt!

Seeing on the packaging that this food is made with 70% fresh meat, for the first time, I looked at the meat content of Ronnie’s ordinary food…. 4% meat!! 4%??? what even is that? Meat dust? I was genuinely gobsmacked and felt so bad to have been feeding him something without a second thought!

“Our kibble is very moist and totally different from most kibbles on the market and this is because we use 70% human grade fresh meat rather than meat meal. We therefore do not need to add any water and all the residual moisture (18%) is mainly meat juice. This gives our food a special taste and smell which dogs love and is very popular with fussy eaters because of the high fresh meat content, furthermore the fact that our food does not expand in the stomach makes digestion much easier and reduces the risk of bloat.”

Ronnie definitely, gave this the ‘paws up’ and the food doesn’t sit in his bowl for longer than seconds before he is moaning and following you around like some crazed addict for more. So that sold it for me, well until I saw the price..

While dog food was an everyday purchase before, I have now realised that it needs to bee more important than this and there should be more consideration but stumping up around £4 per kilo is also a big spend that needs to be considered too.

After consideration, it pains me to say it, but you do get what you pay for and I almost certain that this food is worth the purchase. Not only does it make every other dog food product seem sub-standard, but it is evident that the humans behind Platinum Dog Food, really know their stuff, their packaging is covered in information about feeding amounts and how to serve advice which really adds to the fact that you are giving your fur baby the right food.

However, its January and Ronnie has a few kilo left of his old food to get through before I can place an order but it will be coming!

If you’d like to try Platinum for your dog, all you need to do is email Nikita at with your address details.

To look through their other products, visit their website here.


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