Roxy’s Diary: Day one

So, last night, we welcomed Roxy, a patterdale terrier puppy, into our home to join Ronnie.

In the upheaval of the move, Roxy was quite calm when she joined us and didn’t make much noise or move more than in inch.

We had bought lots of treats for Ronnie welcoming her into the house which he did and didn’t do well.

Ronnie is usually bat-shit crazy, no better word to describe him but somehow this tiny little puppy has calmed him down – the vet said it’s possible he’s happier with her, uncommon but good.

We brought the two together calmly and heavily praised Ronnie for taking her in, they spent a long time sniffing at each other and Ronnie would continually check on how she was whenever he left the room.

For a first night, Roxy’s slept beautifully. All night! Ronnie beside and watching her every move!

The following morning, I had a meeting for work and we had no crate and ok, we’re soft as shite, so Roxy came along for the car ride too.

I’m such a sucker for a puppy!

She can’t go outside yet fully as she hasn’t had all her vaccinations but we booked her in for this evening.

Day one done, lets see how the next 11 years go!

If you missed Roxy’s arrival, catch up here 


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