Roxy’s Diary: Day two

Today I was back in the office for the full day leaving the new puppy with the man of the house. Of course, the journey into work he was telling me how she wouldn’t be cuddled all day and how she’ll learn she can’t cry all day…

I left him at 9am, by 10, u got a message to say Roxy has to come to work with me because he can’t get anything done. That’s right he must now spend the day on the sofa held down by a puppy.

So that’s how this day went.

Comes Evening and we’re sleeping in separate camps I’ve taken the sofa shift and I didn’t quite get the sleep I did on the first night.

She is certainly a night owl and tonight decided to do laps around my head for a good three hours!

When I finally fell asleep I woke to a strange noise, she’s chewed the effing tv cables!!


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