Review: Royal Coffee Scrub by Naturelle Cosmetics

I have been so lucky recently that I have been asked to review a couple of beauty items – life is tough sometimes!

I love trying new items in almost anything that is of interest to me and beautiful skin is something I am working on.

For this review I had an excuse to stop being mum or the boss of the wife and just chill out, which only added to the experience!

So let’s start with the arrival of my new body scrub, it arrived in a delightful rustic looking brown bag which for me added to the authenticity of the product so I was even more keen to try it.

I got to try the tea tree scrub which I’m hugely pleased about as I use tea tree in almost my full regime so it’s great when you have the one fragrance going on.

On running my bath and opening the package I did wonder, tea tree and coffee, they’re two strong smells on their own, how are they going to work together?

The answer is, I don’t know how they do but they just do, the balance of fragrance is so right, so far every box was being to ticked.

When it came to using the product, of course, you don’t look good, your covering yourself head to toe in coffee so it does take a second to deal with that as rubbing what looks like dry mud into your skin doesn’t seem right while your in the bath but please don’t stop there, you’ll regret it!

So I scrubbed away and I kid you not, my skin felt like that of a new born. It is incredible! It smells divine too.

At £9.95 I think it’s amazingly priced too as for the authenticity of such a product you’d often pay much more. You can buy directly on their website too.

My only suggestion would be, do this when you’ve time to wash the bath after, it’s not a pretty site, but a swish of water and it’s cleared away just don’t try to have a quick bath before the new boyf comes over…


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